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Aang/Toph fans

Innocence and snark

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Welcome to aang_toph, a community created for Aang/Toph (also known as Taang for some of you ♥fans.)

We use tags. What does this mean? You had better tag your entries or one of us mods will eat you alive. No seriously. Please tag everything.♥

"Why have a flying pig...

...when you could have the flying boy?♥"

1.Be polite. The mod will not tolerate Rudeness.
2.All big posts or NC-17 content go behind the lj cut.
3.All posts have to be Aang/Toph related (or Avatar the last airbender related)
4.You must like Aang/Toph XD.
5.No spam. It's okay if you're advertising a community though.
6.If you need help with something please contact your moderator.
7.Newbie posts are allowed but more appreciated with contributions ♥
8.Please tag your posts so newbies can find fanworks easier.

Why Aang and Toph are meant for eachother♥
-Same age
-both can kick ass
-both look good together
-both can be snarky towards the other
-both are semi-innocent
-puppy love is cute <3

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Other communities
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Sites of interest
Firebender=A great site that provides lots of screencaps for each episode♥
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